August 8, 2022

The bizarre incident was caught on home security

In a truly bizarre moment during a home burglary, a robber decides to stop and mow the victim’s front garden before he’s even finished the job. Maybe he was trying to cancel out the bad karma?

Marcus Renard Hubbard allegedly made his way into the home in southeast Texas on April Fool’s Day, of all days, and while it’s not known exactly what was stolen from the property, he did borrow one thing: a lawnmower.

As you can see in the beyond-befuddling clip, Hubbard can be seen removing the mower before proceeding to cut the grass in the front garden. Totally normal behaviour.

We’ve heard of thieves who eat everything in the fridge before leaving the house they’ve just burgled but we’ve never heard of one that mows the front garden.

Sharing the footage and details of the incident on their Facebook last Thursday, Port Arthur Police Department say the burglar fled the scene after officers were called to the scene back in April and that a warrant is still out for his arrest.

They went on to urge anyone who might have information as to Hubbard’s whereabouts to contact them. If you know this suspect’s whereabouts, contact the local Crime Stoppers organisation and you could even receive a cash reward for bringing this bizarre burglar to justice.

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