August 14, 2022

The payment will be a ‘thank you’ to those who show their support

The government has confirmed that all families that welcome displaced Ukrainian refugees into their homes will received a large monthly payment.

According to the plan drawn up by Housing Secretary Michael Gove, families that provide shelter for Ukrainians forced to flee their home country due to Russia’s violent, ongoing attacks will received £350 a month.

The payment will be a “thank you” for offering some much-needed support at a crucial moment in this current brutal conflict.

According to numerous reports, the Homes for Ukraine scheme will allow UK individuals to sponsor families or individuals and allow them to stay at their residence rent-free or offer them another form of accommodation.

Eventually, it is hoped that the scheme will be opened up to charities, organisations, businesses and faith centres in order to sponsor much larger groups and help as many refugees as possible.

An insider told the Telegraph that the monthly payment of £350 would be cheaper than paying for hotel accommodation for refugees which, according to their source, “averages at around £200 per night”.

Until recently, the UK government was only offering visas to Ukrainian refugees who have family currently in the UK. To make matters worse, refugees who had made it to Calais in France were told that they had to instead travel to Paris or Brussels in order to secure the necessary permissions that would grant them entry to the UK.

Organisations such as the Refugee Council criticised Gove’s plans for their “bureaucratic hurdles” and the requirement for lengthy, online paperwork in order to complete the rehousing process.

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In response to this, Gove suggested that charities and social media outlets could help make the process more mainstream, with online networks used to make connections between UK households and refugees and help share the load when it comes to online paperwork.

Just this morning, Gove mistakingly suggested that 300,000 visas had been issued to fleeing Ukrainians so far whilst speaking live to Sky News. He was quick to fix this on-air blunder though, quickly stating that the actual number of visas issued was closer to 3,000.

In addition to households receiving a £350 monthly “thank you”, Gove also suggested that local authorities will see financial benefits to welcoming refugees too. According to reports, each local authority could received £10,000 for every refugee it supports and helps to re-home.

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