August 19, 2022

Wait, what?

We truly must be living in the multiverse because the UK somehow managed to come second in last night’s Eurovision song contest, just behind winners Ukraine.

This, lets be honest – astonishing – turn of events marks our best performance in Eurovision in over 20 years and it’s all thanks to TikTok star and singer Sam Ryder and his performance of “Space Man”.

You can listen to the track below:

It was Ukraine that took the top spot, with rap-folk act Kalush Orchestra nabbing first place with 631 points – and people on social media were rightly beyond happy for the country which has defied the odds to win the competition despite battling ongoing aggression from its neighbour Russia.

However we’re not going to lie, people in the UK were also a little beside themselves at the fact that we scored so highly on the night.

Cut to Sunday morning and ‘We came second’ is still trending highly on Twitter while users continue to share their thoughts fresh from their recently-blown-minds.

Meanwhile, some just seemed earnestly happy that we managed to avoid so many ‘nul points’ results for a change.

In the time since Ukraine won, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spoken out and offered his congratulations to his country’s Eurovision champions.

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Posting to Facebook, he said: “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!”

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