August 14, 2022

It wasn’t the only terrifying encounter the couple had on their trip

Some British ghost hunters claim to have taken the “clearest ever” photo of a spirit haunting an old jail.

As much as we might try and deny that ghosts are real, we all know the thought of spotting one with our own eyes is nothing less than terrifying.

So, seeing one caught on camera might just be the next scariest thing.

To our horror, photos shared by a couple of Yorkshire ghost hunters appear to show a phantom-like figure captured on a recent trip to a Scottish Island. Linzi and Lee Steer are the names of the Rotherham-based couple who dedicate their time to finding ghosts through their group Project reveal – Ghosts of Britain.

The couple headed out on a trip to Inveraray Jail in the Scottish region of Argyll and Bute. It was when looking back at the photos from their trip that they spotted the spooky figure.

Linzi told Yorkshire Live: “I just can’t get over it. It is so clear and distinctive.”

The couple noticed the spirit after a visit to Inveraray Jail on a Scottish Island (Google)

According to Linzi and fans of the ghost hunters, a figure can be seen in multiple screenshots behind a waxwork model (as if waxworks weren’t terrifying enough…)

Linzi said she could not actually see the figure while filming but is now unable to explain to viewers what the images appear to portray.

She said: “We try to debunk everything, but there’s no dummy there in that particular area.

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“It is definitely not human. If it was one of us you could tell with the colouring, but it looked very transparent.”

That wasn’t the end of the couple’s spooky experiences on the trip. In another terrifying encounter, husband Lee said he walked into one of the jail blocks and felt a “tickling sensation” on his throat.

“It started to get more intense to the point where I had to run outside,” he said.

The couple said jail staff later told them that many people have reported feeling a choking sensation in the exact same spot as Lee did. Meanwhile, Lee, who said he’s “actually sceptical” when it comes to ghosts, added: “That is the first time I’ve ever felt that kind of thing.”

According to the ghost hunters, it was one of the clearest spirits they’d ever spotted in their 20 years of ghost hunting.

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