August 11, 2022

‘Glad that was shown after the watershed’

Britain’s Got Talent viewers were left shocked on Saturday night by one of the “scariest things” ever seen on the show.

‘The Witch’ terrified the judges on last night’s episode, appearing in a puff of smoke on stage, before menacingly walking down to confront the judges, Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David.

They then handed each of the judges, apart from Simon, an apple and told them to take a bite.

Alesha and David both escaped without incident, but Amanda was not so lucky.

Grabbing her hand, the creepy crone got Simon to pick one of two apples for his fellow judge to eat, before cackling: “Do you know why they say beauty’s only skin deep? Because we’re all rotten to the core.”

They then threw their head back and crushed one of the apples using a third hand coming out of their body, revealing maggots and cockroaches, and prompting Alesha to run away from the desk in fear.

Simon called the act “horrific,” but The Witch clearly got the judges’ attention, getting through to the next round with four yeses.

You can watch the whole thing below.

It wasn’t just the judges that were left terrified by the act though, with viewers taking to Twitter to voice their horror.

One person claimed the act was so scary that their kids were “crying”.

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They tweeted: “My kids just came back downstairs crying because they can’t sleep because of the witch.”

Another posted: “Glad that was shown after the watershed. Kids be pooping themselves. My 10 year old was behind a pillow.”

A third wrote: “I have still got that in my head. Need to watch another show before I go to bed.”

A fourth said it was the “scariest thing” they’ve ever seen on the show.


Viewers will have to wait until later in the competition to see what else ‘The Witch’ has in store, but something tells us this isn’t the last time we’ve seen the creepy act on this year’s show.

Just warn the young ones next time.

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