August 14, 2022

Well, she got her answer

A bride-to-be has shared why she is omitting “in sickness” from her wedding vows, and the reasoning has enraged many.

Posting to the famed Reddit forum “Am I The A*****e”, an unnamed woman revealed that she is replacing “in sickness” with “in happiness” because “I hate taking care of sick people.”

“My siblings and I were always taking care of our parents whenever they get sick and I just hate it,” she explained. “I’m sick of it and I hate feeling bound or obligated to take care of somebody.”

We guess that means her future husband won’t be getting soup in bed or comforting snuggles.

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“My life is full of moments and events like this and I just finally want to live my life to the fullest,” she added.

After the couple were discussing vows, with her husband choosing to stick with the good old fashioned ones, she dropped the huge bombshell. Now, he is reconsidering marrying her at all.

“My fiancé says that he will not accept this and he is very mad at me, he is even rethinking the whole thing,” she said. “I just don’t want to feel obligated to take care of anybody sick for years of my own and only life, it’s so stressful and I think he is being very unreasonable right now.”

She added: “It’s just a marriage vow and I have the choice to change it.”

The woman did later confirm that she would take care of him if he had a cold.

“However, if it’s chronic/severe and requires so much time and playing around (diets, restrictions, special conditions, etc) then no, I had enough of those in my life.”

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This was not the explanation Reddit users were looking for.

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One argued: “You clearly don’t know what love is if you are asking this question and furthermore, you don’t love your fiancé and should let him find someone better who will actually take care of him not only in happiness but also through the hard times.”

“The phrasing of vows isn’t the issue. The issue is that you only want a partner if he’s healthy and can do everything you want to do,” another scathed. “But the truth of life is that we will all get sick and, eventually, die. That’s an unavoidable fact of life, and being someone’s life partner means dealing with that.”

Another suggested: “How about changing it to ‘for better, richer, in health, in happiness, till inconvenience do us part’?”

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