August 14, 2022

Two new teams are coming to F1

Audi and Porsche are set to join the Formula One grid within the next few years, the chief of parent group Volkswagen confirmed on Monday.

Herbert Diess has admitted that the revelation regarding the company’s two biggest sources of income for Volkswagen have caused divisions within the boardroom – with the pair arguing over how much money they would bring in as a result of joining F1.

Volkswagen have always had the idea of joining F1, however this is the first time their interest has appeared more than genuine, with plans now firmly in place to join the motorsport.

Diess also confirmed that Porsche’s preparations are said to be further ahead than Audi’s, with the former already said to be in conversations with Red Bull over forming an alliance.

F1 insiders, as per the BBC, have claimed that Porsche would link up with the current constructors champions to be a part of their new engine division, which has been set up to help design and build the team’s new power unit ahead of the upcoming change to the engine regulations, which will come into place from 2026.

Should a move be complete, Red Bull would then be renamed as ‘Red Bull-Porsche’ from 2026 onwards.

Audi meanwhile have ambitions to come in as a new team on the grid, with some talks of them even trying to buy out one of the race teams.

Talks are said to have been held with the likes of McClaren, Sauber, Aston Martin and Williams over a buy-out. Like Porsche, it’s unclear as to when/if they would join the line-up, but plans seem firmly in place for them to be introduced soon rather than later.

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