August 15, 2022

She called it her ‘bruise kit’

Amber Heard claims she had to carry around a make-up kit “at all times” to help cover up bruising and lesions she sustained as a result of Johnny Depp’s alleged physical abuse.

Speaking on Monday, the 36-year-old actor told the jury that “no woman wants to walk around with a bruise on her face” and would use a “bruise kit” on top of her other beauty products to try and conceal bruises and/or cuts from alleged abuse.

As she explained in her testimony above, she would carry a theatre-grade “colour correction kit… all the time” to try and counter-act the colours left by flushed or bruised skin.

Her lawyer approached with an example kit and although Heard explained this was not the exact one she used at the time, she detailed how different colours like green and red can go some way to masking initially red bruises or more developed purple ones as the skin tries to recover.

Citing other areas where she had experienced bruising, Heard suggested that the marks on her face tended to heal more quickly as opposed to those on her body.

However, many have taken issue with the actor referring to the item as a “bruise kit” – which she quickly said was her term and rephrased as a colour correcting type of make-up – as well as the order in which she supposedly applied it, suggesting that such a product would not be applied on top of foundation.

The jury was also shown previously unseen images of her apparent bruising on the day she successfully filed a restraining order against her 58-year-old ex-husband.

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However, this isn’t the first time images of injuries to Heard’s face have been called into question, as Depp’s legal team argues her well-publicised bloody lip photo might also be a fake, according to inconsistent statements from the defendant herself.

The court is now in its fifth week of hearing the case with closing arguments set to take place on May 27 and a final verdict announced shortly after.

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