August 19, 2022

Sold at the idea of ‘constant fresh baked goods in the atrium’ to be honest

A 21-year-old who was offered the option of renting out an apartment in a retirement home has shared her experience of living there.

The poster of the video, @playboylacroix, says there were no viable housing options for her in her town so she was offered the chance to rent out an apartment in an old people’s home instead.

She shared her day-to-day life in a video on TikTok, captioned: “yes, i am 21 and signed a lease in a senior apartment complex.”

In the video she gives us a brief tour of the village, including footage of “ladies doing puzzles,” and the ever-so-slightly dated decor.

And let’s not ignore constant supply of “fresh baked goods in the atrium.”

Combine that with the wholesome and friendly atmosphere that you’d expect from an old people’s home and it doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

@playboylacroix yes, i am 21 and signed a lease in a senior apartment complex. #CorollaCrossStep #elderly #tour ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman


Some weren’t quite as convinced in the comments though, with one person writing that it “looks like hell,” and another asking “how do you do this it must be so quiet.”

A third commented: “This looks like it would either be heaven or hell. No in between & definitely depends on if they’re cool old people or not.”

The TikToker responded that it’s “really cool.”

Another user commented that they would “feel so safe here,” to which the 21-year-old responded “I def do [sic].”

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She also added that there are even a few other people her age there who were offered the same deal as her but admitted that “90 percent are still old folks.”

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